Last year we published a white paper outlining the challenges of and our overall approach to researching, treating, and ultimately curing complex diseases. 



Lisa B. Boyette, MD, PhD, Michael R. Boyette, CEM, CSDP, Dietrich A. Stephan, PhD


We as a society spends billions of dollars every year on biomedical research, but are unable to buy timely cures for complex diseases carrying high indices of morbidity and mortality. This is due in part to the lack of an industry aimed at understanding and integrating available information on disease pathogenesis with available products in the market to construct a multi-pronged strategy for curing a disease of interest. We propose a new approach to solving the problem of complex disease, namely the use of (a) a full-time team of professionals of diverse backgrounds and skill sets, overseeing (b) a multi-layered platform of targeted research, including both new discovery to fill knowledge gaps and integrated analysis of existing datasets, to (c) create a strategic portfolio of therapy development projects, the culmination of which is a cure, delivered to the patient by a defined deadline. An iterative process of problem solving, cure design and construction, testing, failure, and redesign, informed by ongoing need-based research projects, will be critical for building cures that meet the expectation patients have to be well.

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