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In addition to being Valentine’s Day, February 14th is also National Donor Day.  Those that have received a life-saving organ, tissue, or blood donation know just how important that is.  Whether you donate blood every few months or you are a registered organ donor, you are helping to save lives.


We would like to thank all of those donors and all of those organizations that are working hard to promote organ donation since liver transplant is currently the only life-saving therapy for PSC.  Organ donation is a critical piece of keeping PSC patients alive until we can better understand pathogenesis and develop new curative medical therapies. 

A couple of PSC patients have made it their mission to increase the availability of donor organs:

The Chris Klug Foundation provides educational materials about organ donation and opportunities for individuals to register as deceased organ donors.  They register people on-site at events and have successfully registered more than 200 people each year since they were founded in October of 2003.  A single deceased organ donor can save up to 8 lives, so that means that annually we have gained more than 1,600 potential organs that could be used for life-saving transplants in the future.

By working with organizations like the Chris Klug Foundation we can complement each other and work toward the common goal of saving lives.  "I'm really proud to team up because I think what SAVE JON does is, they are really working for a cure to keep people off the waiting list," said Klug.  "And I think what Chris Klug foundation does is help those that are in need of solid organ transplant today and when they need an organ we're doing everything we can to advocate for organ donation and get one when they need it." 

The Wave Set also promotes organ donation, with a focus on living donor organ transplantation through their work producing a documentary on the live donor transplant process.  Founded by the Wohl brothers, the Wave Set's documentary chronicles Jared Wohl's donation of a portion of his liver to brother and PSC patient Cameron Wohl.  This act of sibling love has helped to raise awareness about live liver donation as a way of saving PSC patients.  Living donor liver transplantation increasingly plays a role in saving PSC patients more so than for patients with any other cause of liver failure.

The Donor Alliance, Donate Life, UNOS, the American Liver Foundation, and others promote National Donor Day every year to raise awareness about organ donation and how important it is to those in need of a transplant.  


Share the love this Valentine's Day, register to be an organ donor and  send a Valentine to your siblings as part of our #siblinglove awareness campaign!