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Fourth Quarter 2016 Newsletter

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What’s New in the PSC Research World?

Curable in090209_iStock_DNA.large.jpgitiates the International PSC Genome Project in partnership with the Mayo Clinic and the Regeneron Genetics Center.  The Regeneron Genetics Center aims to sequence 5,000 or more primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) patients; Mayo Clinic is contributing DNA samples from over 1,000 PSC patients.  Read the full story here!


Giving Tuesday

2016-GT-logo-wdate1.jpgAfter the weekend of holiday shopping around town and from home on cyber Monday, don't forget to give to your favorite charities on Giving Tuesday, November 29th!  Support Curable Here!

Curable Walks with Highmark


Curable is honored to have been selected as one of the organizations to participate in the 15th Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community On Saturday, May 13 at Stage AE.  Begin thinking about getting a team together, about ways to raise money, and about how to spread the word about PSC.  More to come as we get closer to the February registration date.  You can walk in person or participate virtually.  If you are in DC, Chicago, LA, or anywhere in between, form a team and on May 13 take a walk in your neighborhood.  Perhaps your virtual team will raise more money that the teams who are pounding the pavement in Pittsburgh.  The challenge is on....

 Third Party Eventsemail pic.png

Do you really want another tie?  Another wallet?  Another serving dish?   Having a birthday/ anniversary?  Invite your friends and family to participate in our Giving Alternative Program.  GAP is an opportunity for many small donations to morph into a gigantic gift.  It’s very simple.  All you have to do is contact us and let us know to expect donations in your honor.   Then we compile a list of people who participated for you so that you can thank them, and Curable will have already sent them a receipt for their donation. 

Do you want to create a fund raiser for Curable?  Just clear your event with us before you begin making any plans.  Help us spread the word about PSC to your community.  Plan a bowling party, a concert, a walk/ run, a mountain climbing event, a brownie bake off.  Be creative.  We welcome the community’s participation to raise funds for research and clinical trials.  Go online to or call 412-227-0900.

40U40_logo.jpgHonors for CurablePV100.png

Lisa Boyette, Curable’s CEO, was named one of 2016's 40 under 40 by Pittsburgh Magazine.  In addition, she was named in the Entrepreneur Category of the Pharma Voice 100 list.  Well-deserved accolades for our tireless leader.


Let’s Hear it for Deep River SnacksDRS_2oz_SourCream11.png

Listen for the crunch and bring awareness of PSC and Curable to the crowd.  Thanks to Deep River Snacks, Curable is getting attention across the US.  Check out their products at your local specialty or grocery store. Share the story about Curable on the Ninja Ginger and Sour Cream and Onion Kettle Chip bags.  Point out to your friends when serving these delicious products that the company is a leader in bringing awareness of PSC to the community.  Curable thanks Deep River Snacks for their support.



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